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Underwater Vessel Cleaning System with Robots

Our robot system and its operational process have been tailored thoroughly for underwater vessel cleaning. Our robot is the world’s only robot that can be attached to a vessel firmly without damaging the vessel, cleaning it thoroughly and moving freely even on a curved surface. We operate our robots with various sensors and eight cameras attached to all sides. The robots weigh around 400kg yet it remain positively buoyant underwater.

Composition of the Robot System

Robots | Electricity, Communication Cable | Stain Cleaning System | Controller | Power Generator

Cleaning Procedure

We introduced a variety of procedures to protect the laminated surface of vessels. Our process chooses the brushes that are adequate for the contaminant level, while still be the gentlest ones possible. Then it determines the rotations and the surface pressure of the brushes. While cleaning, the robot inspects the decrease of the contaminants through the cameras attached to the robots, and appropriately adjusts the pressure and rotation. These are robots that can do everything from cleaning serious problem areas to soft brushing for touch-ups.

Quality Checking by Video Recording All Aspects of the Robots’ Cleaning

We record all the videos of the robots’ cleaning tasks, Our robots are equipped with six high definition cameras, which are used not only for checking contaminants and operating the robots, but also for checking the cleaning quality after the operation. Therefore, you can check the overall cleaning quality like never before.

Specification of Underwater H/C ROV(latest model of LP10 Ver.2.8


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